There are many benefits associated with using a Virtual PA. VPA is here to make your life easier, support you giving you more time to grow and develop your business, help minimise stress and improve your working life balance. Not only will the services be a return on your personal and business investment, VPA also has the below benefits.

Cost Effective

• No overheads, PAYE, National Insurances, sickness, holiday pay... or even lunch breaks!
• No customer provision of Health & Safety, Training, Pensions, Shares and Bonuses.
• No recruitment costs.
• No agency fees or time teaching temporary workers your business.
• No customer provisions for Computer, Desk, Printer or Workspace.
• Increases Productivity.

Timely Investment

• Delegating those time consuming tasks that hold you back so you can focus on your core business activities.


• Flexible and reliable professional quality service as and when you need it.


• No geographical limitation to receive the services.